When you are looking for slot reviews, it helps to know the criteria you are looking for in a review.

What you Want in a Slot Game Review

Here at Best Slot Games we have surveyed our visitors and players on various topics. One thing we asked them was what are the main points they want to see in slot games reviews.

While the below topics are not a complete list, they cover the most requested points players look for in a game review.

Software Developer

Probably the most requested point visitors want to see is the software developer. Many players like yourself will most often have a favourite software for slot games. Whether that is Real Time Gaming (RTG), Microgaming (MGS) IGT or one of the vast list of developers, you probably already have a favourite.

Return to Player

Players that are more technical-minded might want to know right away what the RTP (Return to Player) is. At times a player might be looking for a game and be willing to try almost any game with a higher RTP, or possibly a certain software with an RTP above a certain threshold.

Reels and Paylines

The obvious mention in any slot review should be the number of reels and how many play lines. In fact, these two points are often very important when players are looking for new games to try out.

Some players might not have any interest in a 3-reel classic slot, or some may want a 4-reel video slot but only those with 20 or more paylines.

Game Symbols

Whether the review is a deep dive or just a simple quick overview, reviews should list the game symbols.

Paytable is Important

Often lacking in many slot reviews is coverage of the paytable. It is very helpful for players to know what the payout of symbol matches is. This helps you anticipate matches as the reels are spinning, and know when you had a good spin.

Scatters and Wilds

Almost all slot games will have scatters or wild symbols, and sometimes both. Knowing which symbols are which and whether they substitute can make the game more fun and more rewarding.

Bonus Rounds

If a game has bonus rounds, free spins or other extra side games or spins, players need to know. Even more helpful is an understanding of what actually triggers such rounds or free games.

Special Rounds

Additionally, when games include special rounds they should be explained clearly.

Many slot games will often include special rounds where the player needs to pick something. At times the outcome of the special rounds may affect the outcome of the win. It might be the player pick reveals a special multiplier or additional bonus that can increase the win.

Slot Reviews are not Equal

Not all slot reviews can be considered equal and some reviews may not cover all aspects.

The most important in reviews is to cover the common features and whether the slot has features players look for. One place we recommend is Slot Machine World for a variety of slot game reviews.

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