Based on the 1984 smash hit film about a group of parapsychologists who start a ghost hunting business based in New York City. The game takes players back to the movie’s fantasy world with top quality graphics, sound effects, and background music. Popular clips from the movie also play sometimes when winning prizes.

The symbols are dynamic by changing appearances when the free spins are in progress. The quality of the sound effects are an excellent feature where for every spin the renowned soundtrack can be heard “Who you gonna call?”!

The eerie sounds of a haunted house and ghastly slime will definitely offer a surreal experience.

Ghost Busters Game:

5 Reel, 30 Payline video slot game with Bonus games, Wilds, Cash Prizes and Multipliers.

Ghost Busters Symbols:

Ghosts, Ectomobile, Ecto Goggles, Ghost Trap, Proton Pack, Psychokinetic Energy Meter, Slimer, Marshmallow Man, Raymond Stantz, Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Louis Tully, Winston Zeddmore

Betting Range:

Coins Range: from 0.0 up to 50.00

Wild Symbols – Green and Purple Slimer Ghosts

Green Ghost substitutes for the movie character symbols. Purple Ghost acts as a replacement for the regular symbols.

Wild Reels – Between 1 and 3 reels get taken over by the Slimer Ghost turning them Wild.
Extra Wilds – Between 1 and 4 reels are turn Wild, any positions sharing a corner or edge with an Initial Wild can also become Wild.

3 Scatter Symbols –

The 3 Scatter symbols are Ghostbusters Logo, Slimer Bonus and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. These symbols are used to trigger the various bonus features.

Ghost Busters Bonus Features:

Ballroom Busters:

Activated when landing a Ghostbuster symbol on Reels 2 & 3 together with a Slimer Bonus symbol on the 4th Reel. Receive 5 Proton shots to fire at different types of furniture in the Ballroom in order to find one of the 6 Slimers hidden inside. Find a Slimer and receive a multiplier bonus up to 2x or 5x.

Stay Puft Free Spins:

Activates when landing a Ghostbuster symbol on both Reels 2 & 3 together with the Stay Puft Bonus symbol on Reel 4. 8 Free Spins will be awarded which play on 40 lines (10 more than the base game) and contain different symbols. Marshmallows fall onto the reels; some become Roasted Marshmallows which lock into place turning Wild for the rest of the feature.
Sometimes the Marshmallow will be eaten by the game and awarding a cash prize instead.

The Psychic:

Match a card that matches Dr. Venkman’s – the one which he is seen holding up onscreen.

Paranormal Pick:

Choose from green clouds to stand stand a chance of winning a progressive jackpot. Just follow Slimer and choose 1 of 5 options. Regardless of which option is chosen, there is a a chance at winning paranormal progressives.

Cash Award:

Slimer treats players to a funny act before offering payouts that are 50 to 1 000x the amount of the coin value. The multiplier feature increases winnings by 2x or 5x.

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