Do you want to make easy money at an online casino new zealand by playing poker? Or are you the player that seems to always line other players’ pockets? Either way, this article might be just for you…

Preying on the Fish at the Table

The easiest way to profit at the poker table when it comes to UK online gambling is to prey on the fish. In poker a fish is someone who doesn’t know what they are doing; they play a weak game based on luck because they never take the initiative in the hand and perhaps don’t fully understand the intricacies of poker rules.

Indeed, the term fish stems from their propensity to fish for a good hand by calling any and every bet. They have a total disregard for the odds or price they are being offered, indeed, a fish will call off their whole stack looking for a 4 outer if they are extremely bad.

Having these players at your table is important if you want to make money. However, because poker has a large element of luck involved, there is always the danger that a fish will get lucky and take your chips. When this happens then natural instinct for most players is to make a point of ridiculing the bad player for their stupidity.

Tapping the Glass

In poker circles, this is known as tapping the glass and is something that can hamper your chances of making some easy cash. Tapping the glass can scare the fish and when all the fish have gone it makes the game tougher. Thus, it’s important to remember that even if a bad player gets lucky you can’t berate them. Indeed, you should do your best to ignore them or encourage them. It may sound ruthless but you want these people to stay in the game, they will provide you with a financial lifeline when in the face of tougher games.

Don’t Tap the Glass

Fish may be annoying at times but if you want to profit from poker in the long run you need them in your game. Don’t tap the glass is a mantra you should remember the next time a fish gets lucky at the poker table.

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